Dance, Lady, Dance

Dance, Lady, dance--on the Oak King's tomb,
Where he lies half a year in thy quiet womb.

Dance, Lady, dance--at the Holly King's birth,
Who has slain his twin for the love of Earth.

Dance, Lady, dance--to the Sun God's power
And his touch of gold on field and flower.

Dance, Lady, dance--in the Silver Wheel,
Where the Oak King rests, his wounds to heal.

Dance, Lady, dance--for the Holly King's reign,
Till his brother the Oak shall rise again.

Dance, Lady, dance--in the moonlit sky
To the Threefold Name men know thee by.

Dance, Lady, dance--on the turning Earth
For the Birth that is Death, and the Death that is Birth.

Dance, Lady, dance--to the Sun on high,
For his burning splendour, too, must die.

Dance, Lady, dance--to the year's long tide,
For through all change must thou abide.

--From Janet and Stewart Farrar's A Witches' Bible

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