(A Pagan-Oriented Passing)

When it is time to love again,
And you reach out to take my hand;
With perfect love and trust we'll go,
Together, to our secret land;
And you will take the cup my sweet,
And drink it down, and down again;
But ever full of lover's wine,
For you my dear it will remain.
For you and I are halves of one
Eternal soul, that ever stays
True to itself; though earthly form,
Many times itself betrays.
But the golden cup stays ever full,
That you may drink and be refreshed,
Though Fate and Chance may sunder us--
For a while, yet ever blest;
Are we to know, that in the end,
We are each others lover-friend

--From Rhiannon Ryall's West Country Wicca

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