"Lady Day" Spring Chant

Group to greet a priestess playing the springtime Goddess:

Greet we now our Lady,
Returning with the Spring.
Bringing back the greening,
Swift and Swallows Wing.

Priestess playing the springtime Goddess:

I am the Great Green Goddess,
I am the deep read earth.
I am She Eternal,
Quickening all to birth.
I am Sower of seed, Moon Maiden,
Yet Mother to all that grows,
Nettle and Gorse and Heather,
White May in the tall hedgerows.

All chant:

Blessed now the hilltop,
Blessed now the stream.
Oak and ash and birchwood
Wake from winter's dream.
Wake ye mystic rowan,
Enchanted hazel, HO!
Slumber not old willow
Nor dread mistletoe.


Returned am I in gladness,
To conjoin with the One.
Antlered, bold yet gentle,
Soft Moon blend with bright Sun.

--From Rhiannon Ryall's West Country Wicca

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