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Astral Projection simply involves leaving the body and traveling on the astral plane, anywhere from a few feet to vast distances. There are many Pagans who swear by this experience, though even if you don't have any success doing it (or don't believe you can) it can be very helpful to do something similar as a visualization exercise instead. When traveling astrally, it is said that you are connected to your body by a silver cord, and that your body may appear in a trance or almost deathlike when your spirit is free. Mostly you are invisible when you project, but sensitive individuals may sense your presence.

In the past, Witches used to project astrally using hallucinogenic ointments, some of which contained poisonous substances. Ointments for "flying" are still available, now devoid of the damaging poisons.

You can get a recipe for a flying ointment you can make yourself at Ambrosia's Book of Shadows.

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