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Merry Meet! Welcome to Ivy's Pentacles, my site about Earth spirituality and the Craft.

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This site is intended for the following purposes:

1. To be a resource for Pagans, Witches and Wiccans, new or old but probably mostly new;

2. To explain some of my own beliefs;

3. To serve as a learning experience for me!

This page is divided into several different sections for easier browsing. Many of the sections have quite a few sub-pages, so please take a look around and e-mail with any questions or requests. If you are looking for something that doesn't seem to be covered here, suggest it, and I will see what I can do.

Messages From Me
My personal beliefs About the New Version Intro & Notes

The Basics
Getting Started A History of Paganism Pagan Concepts of Deity
The Role of Nature Laws of the Craft Coven vs. Solitary Practice
Misconceptions about the Craft

Magickal Life
Domestic Activities Magickal Techniques Psychic Exercises
Elemental Exercises Visualization Exercises Recipes
Pagan Crafts & Decorations

Ritual Basics Magickal Tools
Tool Consecration Casting a Circle
Making an Altar Esbat Rituals
Sabbat Rituals Other Rituals

Engraved Stones Animals Birds Charm Symbolism
Colors Timing Astrology Numbers
Runes Oils Incense Herbs & Spices
Names of the Moons Elements Stones & Crystals

What is a Spell? Magickal Ideas
How to Cast a Spell How to Cast a Spell-Abridged
How to Use Oils in Magick How to Use Herbs in Magick
Example Spells & Rituals

Words & Art
Tracts Chants Songs Pagan Music/Bands Humor

Recommended Reading List

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DISCLAIMER: I have not set myself up as an "expert" in any field, but chances are, if you're here, neither are you. This site is here to help those who have an interest and are willing to take advice even though I am not a member of a group you might recognize or respect, a highly-esteemed author, or a well-known authority; take what you will from this and leave what you don't like. This site is also not here to proselytize (to convert you); it is for informational purposes, to be used by those who already follow this way of life or to inform those who want to learn more. This page focuses mostly on Wicca and Witchcraft but touches on the other Earth religions and includes the appropriate links. It caters more to the general Witch than the Wiccan, as I am not Wiccan even though I know a lot about the religion; it is too specific on some subjects for me to follow.

Have fun exploring my site! Blessed Be and Merry Part!

Please do contact me, but only constructive criticism please; if I did something wrong I want you to let me know but try to leave me intact if it's not too much to ask. And of course, any mail whose intent is to proselytize is not welcome in my box and will be either ignored or dealt with in a not-so-nice way, depending on my mood. Share your thoughts but do NOT accuse me of worshipping the devil. Thank you.

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