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If you'd like to cast a spell EXTREMELY simply, all you have to do is visualize your goal, send your energy to it, and you've essentially cast a spell. Whether you use fancy tools, invoke presences by name, or manipulate other materials is up to you--they are focusing devices and are often immensely helpful, especially to novices. If you feel it is enough to just light a candle and meditate and call it a spell, then you are right, it IS enough. That is the simplest sort of spell: Lighting a candle, tying a knot, waving a wand, singing a chant. All of these are "spells," assuming you visualize properly.

If you want to get a little more involved than this but don't wish to go through the large-production-type spell of twenty steps on my other page, here is a simplified version made up of eight steps, with the "fat" cut out and the most essential parts emphasized. This is for those who are not interested in making a giant production out of it and prefer simplicity. They are listed and then explained in more detail.


1. Define what you need or want


2. Research spell aids


3. Set up


4. Define your sacred space


5. Invoke


6. Manipulate spell materials and energies


7. Thanks and earthing


8. Release sacred space


(This list was created through what I have learned in my reading and how I understand spellwork. It is not a set order--mostly--and it is important that you take this into consideration when creating your own spells.)

Explanation of all steps

PRE-SPELL CONSIDERATIONS. When you decide you want to do a spell, make sure you know why you're doing it. Consider whether you should: Are you following the Wiccan Rede? Are you remembering the Threefold Law? Good. So if you're not going to hurt anyone and you wouldn't mind if the karma from this hit you threefold, you still need to decide whether you should do this. Ask yourself whether the person would be opposed. Generally you're not supposed to try to use magick against someone's will . . . sometimes you will be tempted to think it is for a person's own good. You might try shying away from that. For instance, if you think a friend is entering a relationship that will destroy him, instead of trying to "make" them break up with a spell, try casting your spell hoping that the relationship not impede his happiness. Perhaps your influence can brighten the relationship so it is not destructive or empower him to see what is wrong with the relationship before it does destroy him. Always try to find positive ways to cast the spell instead of destroying things; the only thing you should routinely banish is negative influences.


1. DEFINE WHAT YOU NEED OR WANT. For any spell, no matter how simple, you must know what you want to have happen. This does not mean "I want to get a job working register 3 at the Food Lion from 8 to 12 on weekdays"; this means "I want to get a job somewhere I can be happy with the hours I can handle." You need not make predictions or demands of specifics; just the essentials of your need should be known and defined. Make sure that if you're looking for a job, you're not going to inadvertantly be trying to kick someone else out of the position you want--remember, you want to get what you want if it's available, not to snatch it away from someone who has it.


2. RESEARCH SPELL AIDS. What will you do to symbolize your need being met? You should decide at this point what kind of spell you want to do and find out what sorts of materials, if you want to use any, will help you. You can look in your Book of Shadows if you have one, on the Internet, in books, ask friends . . . and try to decide what you will do to make this spell different from simply thinking about your need being met. If you want to give a friend peace, will you make a clay doll of her and sprinkle it with some sort of peaceful herb? Research appropriate colors for the clay and the type of spice you will use. If you want to encourage fertility, will you light a candle and carve a rune? Research appropriate colors for the candle and appropriate runes for your purpose, and get an idea of what you should carve the rune with (Will you use a crystal? What kind? Just your bolline? Something else? Why?). Also research if there's a good time (of the week, month or day) and place (inside, outside, under a tree, by the sea) to do your spell. Look through reliable sources or just listen to the symbolism in your own mind.


3. SET UP. Get your stuff together. Set up your altar the way you want it, facing whatever direction you've decided is appropriate in your research phase. Bring together all the things you'll need and set out the boundary of your circle, assuming you're going to use one.


4. DEFINE YOUR SACRED SPACE. Most spellworkers use circles for their sacred space. You can learn to cast a proper circle in my circles document, but here I'll just say you make the boundary of your space with a cord or salt or whatever you like, then seal the space off from the ouside world with your own energy and/or whatever outside influences you like to complete your space (many "call in" the north, east, south, and west elements to form their circle, along with their own energy).


5. INVOKE. Lots of people feel they need to address the God and Goddess--this is the time to invite Them. Call upon the presence you desire in any way you see fit, and ask for Their presence and help. You might explain your need to Them, justify why you've asked Them to come.


6. MANIPULATE SPELL MATERIALS AND ENERGIES. So, start your spell. You might want to start by raising your energy by dancing, singing, or simply reading something inspiring or thinking about how happy you'll be when your need is fulfilled. Then, do what you've decided to do to symbolize your need: Light your candle or whatever and visualize what it represents, send your energy to it . . . and really try to use the energy you have to help make it happen. You must visualize strongly and contribute energy; lighting a candle does NOT make things happen by itself! If you anoint a meaningful stone with some sort of oil to symbolize something, you can't just rub it on there and think about it; you have to remember what the oil represents, speaking in pictures and meanings to the presences you have invoked, give the simple actions their volume through your energy, make them three-dimensional. The oil and stone are symbols, and we use them because they help us visualize and they help us align ourselves with the movement of nature, to think that for thousands of years people have used these same materials to mean the same things; it's inspiring, and therefore works. You should visualize your need VERY strongly and finish your symbolic actions.


7. THANKS AND EARTHING. The presences that came to your circle deserve a little thank-you. If you believe the God and Goddess have attended your circle, show that you are thankful by offering something, such as a food offering, and share it with Them--meaning you eat some too, "earthing" yourself (assuming you need to be brought back to your usual reality) and replenishing your energy. You'll need a moment to rest if you've put a lot into your effort.


8. RELEASE SACRED SPACE. Re-absorb or send to the earth any energy that was making up your circle or other sacred space, and then clean up your mess, since you're likely to have one.


If you have questions, comments, or complaints on this "spell tutor" thingamajig, e-mail me anytime. If you'd like to look at some spells and charms I've come up with, try Herbal Spells Page. If you'd like to see a site with some example spells by others (ONLY FOR EXAMPLE PURPOSES, don't copy!), go here.

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