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February 16, 2009

Good news! I'm finished sprucing the page up and kicking out dead links or outdated crap. In addition, I've added photos of the craft projects and inserted photos of decorating ideas, and I've put some altar photos in the altar-creation guide. The Pagan music page now has updated links when I was able to find the bands'/artists' new sites, and dead links were removed.

A lot of the pages that had a lot of text are no longer black with pink text, because it's hard to read for a long time and more importantly it is harder to print if you decide you want to. Many of the sub pages are now gray with black text, and the graphics have mostly disappeared. I'm not really into making things too fancy, and now maybe it's a tad bland, but I hope you like it anyway. Please let me know if there are issues.

November 16, 2008

I've moved the site to pentacle.swankivy.com and am in the process of updating links and stuff. AOL shut down the old pages, so I had to move the whole thing here in a rush and it's looking pretty rough. Sorry.

October 22, 2004

I've finally finished the Pagan Music page. Enjoy.

New page on elemental correspondences. When it rains it pours.

June 22, 2003

I added a new guestbook since someone messed with my old one, and there may be a few new crafts on the Sabbat crafts page from the last time you looked.

February 1, 2003

I just added a Pagan Humor Page. Sometime in the (somewhat distant) future, there will be a page detailing different Pagan music artists and bands, but that will still be a while away.

October 3, 2002

This site has undergone a reorganization. Before, there were pages for each aspect of the Craft that I was teaching, but I found that it was a bit difficult to find exactly what you wanted and that each page was a bit disorganized, plus it was difficult to add material to some of them. If there used to be some information on here that has disappeared and you can't find where it's relocated to, please e-mail me.

What's new? The main page has become the jump-off point to all the sections, making everything easier to find (hopefully). This page has been added (obviously), a new introduction has been applied, and the whole thing more closely resembles my non-digital Book of Shadows (entitled The Wayside).

There is an entirely new page about the history of Paganism.

The Magickal Techniques section has been added to better teach various techniques previously filed under "miscellaneous practices."

A couple of the pages featuring symbolism have been changed or added.

A whole section of Sabbat Rituals has been made available when previously there was just one example ritual.

The Words section has been expanded to break down and include various inspiring literature and should help any person interested in incorporating chanting and music into rituals.

Dozens of other minor changes have been incorporated. Please e-mail with any bugs.

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