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The Moon's phase can be a good booster for any spell you're working on. Cast spells that have to do with enhancing or creating or growing in the waxing phase (as the Moon grows closer to full). Cast spells that are the most difficult or need the most magickal boost at the Full Moon (either the day before or the day of the full Moon—some say the day after works too, but it may be a slight waning influence). Cast spells that involve lessening, destroying, or separating during the waning phase (as the Moon grows closer to new). Cast spells of inner truth or no spells at all at the new Moon, or use this period for meditation or divination.


Use the times of day to also give boosts to your magick. Certain rituals can be worked best at certain times of day that correspond to a Sabbat, and it can be helpful to use the time of day to help with a spell too. Perform magick at sunrise if it has to do with new beginnings or fresh starts, or rejuvenation. Perform magick in the morning to encourage growth and courage, and it's good energy for family matters. Perform magick at noon if it needs the biggest male-energy boost or if it has to do with physical work or strength, healing, or working diligently with the mind. Also use noon energy for charging tools. Perform magick in the afternoon if it has to do with travel or changing of residence, or if you need a boost for business matters or employment. Perform magick at sunset that has to do with reducing or removing influences, and contemplation.


You can use the wind to add strength to your spells. If you find that one day the wind happens to be blowing in a certain direction, you may find a way to use that influence. Figuring out which way the wind's blowing from is as easy as getting a windsock and a compass. When the wind blows from the north, the appropriate spellwork might be those things that deal with practical matters, such as money or levelheadedness or planning. When the wind blows from the east, the appropriate spellwork might be those things involving change and rejuvination, and catalystic spells, as well as artistic and spiritual endeavors. When the wind blows from the south, the appropriate spellwork deals with the passionate world and any spells that have to do with emotion at all. When the wind blows from the west, the appropriate spellwork has to do with healing and fertility (both literal and figurative), as well as matters having to do with intuition.


Supposedly, different days of the week have particular planetary alliances and vibrations that can add oomph to your spells. Sunday is for business and friendships. Monday is for women's and family issues and the intuition, and travel. Tuesday is for men's and strength issues, and competition and perseverance. Wednesday is for literary and artistic matters and studying, reading, or teaching. Thursday is for the material world and success, sometimes luck. Friday is for pleasure and happiness, and love. Saturday is for exploring the mysteries and expelling the unpleasant.


Different times of the year, in accordance with the lives of the God and the Goddess, have certain energies to lend to magick. Take into consideration the month of the year with the following chart, and remember to allow for slight overlap.

January: Safety, passages, protection
February: Well-being, forgiveness, restitution
March: Success, excellence, winning fights
April: Luck, openings, youthful energy
May: Development, advancement, Earth magick
June: Dedication, constancy, love
July: Authority, dignity, self-regulation
August: Peace, accord, symmetry
September: Spiritual attainment, understanding
October: Growth, positive change
November: Psychism, perception, kindness
December: Wisdom, sensibility, discretion

—this chart borrowed from Patricia Telesco’s Advanced Wicca

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