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Here is the links list. A lot of these are for beginning students who need resources, and others are just interesting graphics or content. . . . Each link is followed by an explanation. I have not been particularly thorough with this section because many others have done link collections in a much more comprehensive fashion, so if you want some specific information, you're free to hunt for it however you choose. That said, the links on this page are just sites I thought were particularly helpful or interesting. Have fun!

Witchvox's take on the basics--Some basic advice on how to get started, from the Witches' Voice magazine . . . what do do when you're first interested to learn more, et cetera.

The Pentacle--What's that star thingie y'all wear? All you ever wanted to know about the pentacle and the pentagram.

Witchvox's books list--Recommended reading for all levels, to get you started!

Brahm's Bookworks is a great place to get your own grimoire made in the old world style!

History: All about Witchcraft--A description of how witchcraft went from Biblically condemned to marginally tolerated in modern times. (Thanks to Brittney for this link.)

PaganLibrary.com--A whole Web site of articles and forums available for various interests.

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