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There's a lot of Pagan music out there. There are groups that put out only that, and then there are groups that have a few Pagan or Pagan-oriented songs.

List #1 is all songs specifically geared for certain Sabbats. List #2 is all songs for more general Pagan listening. Some of these have samples or whole downloadable songs on the artists' Web sites, some of which are listed on Witchvox.com. Also, please check out my article on Halloween-oriented songs on another one of my Web sites.

I have reprinted lyrics here so that readers can be inspired by the messages and seek out good Pagan musicians. These are simply songs that I personally feel are particularly *useful* and inspiring. If you are an artist or a copyright owner who would rather not have your lyrics reprinted here, please let me know. Enjoy.

List #1: List #2:
All Souls Night Ancient Mother
Bring Back the Light Blessed Be
The Burning Times Calling the Moon
Dark Moon Circle The Christians and the Pagans
Faerie Tale Come Down
Harvest Dance Come Silver Moon
The Holly King Dark Mother
Imbolc Fairy Queen
Lughnasadh Dance Golden Light
The Mummersí Dance Lily
Noon of the Solstice Lord of the Dance
Oak and Ash and Thorn The Magick
Samain Night Move Over Jehova
Solstice Carole The Old Ways
Spin the Circle Petals of the Rose
Spring Strathspey Powerful Woman
Staines Morris Remember Me
Stolen Child Swimming to the Other Side
We All Come from the Goddess Two Witches
The Wild Hunt The Word of God

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