Lord of the Dance

(by Gwydion Pendderwen)

When she danced on the waters and the wind was her horn,
The Lady laughed, and everything was born.
She lit the Sun and the Light gave Him birth;
The Lord of the Dance then appeared on the Earth,

"Dance, then, wherever you may be,
For I am the Lord of the Dance," said He,
"And Iíll lead you all wherever you may be,
And Iíll lead you on in the Dance," said He.

"I danced in the morning when the world was begun;
I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun.
I was called from the darkness by the song of the Earth,
I joined in the singing and She gave me birth."


"I dance at the Sabbat when you chant the spell.
I dance and sing that everyone be well.
When the dance is over do not think Iím gone;
I live in the music, so I still dance on."


"They cut me down, but I leap up high;
I am the light that will never, never die.
Iíll live in you if you live in Me,
For I am the Lord of the Dance," said He.


God-oriented celebrations; also a good "origin story" type song for children.

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