Fairy Queen

(by Kenny Klein)


Midnight glance is silence glazed

Misty shroud the leaves entwine

Long the fruit on bow has blossomed

Laden heavy hang the vines

Silence still the west wind carries

The tangy taste of the distant sea

Dark and deep the nightshade berries

Twist about the burdened lea


The jingling bells are hardly noticed

First, so heavy is the night

Creeping slowly ever nearer

Bridled mare of deathly white

Now children in their beds of feather

Moan and dream the passing sound

An owl takes flight, a sprig of heather

Spills its burden to the ground


Fairy Queen that rides the darkness with

Softly jingling bridle bells

Shadow of the ancient Mother

That on the wings of autumn dwells

Fairy Queen that claims the harvest

Yours the red fruit of the vine

Mab the song is unforgotten

The misty air the leaves entwine

Just an inspirational fairy song.  Shows us the dark side of the fey.


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