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Here are some suggestions for ways to manipulate materials and symbols for your desired results.

Herb enchantment: When using herbs in magick, you should “enchant” them before you use them. Match an herb with your need and touch or run your fingers along or through the herb, thinking of your need and perhaps chanting it. Send your energy from your power hand into the herb, and when you can sense that the herb is infused with and aligned with its purpose, your herb is enchanted.

Making sachets: You can use herbs to place in sachets, which are pieces of cloth tied with yarn or ribbon. Choose an herb that matches your need or wishes, fill a piece of gauzy cloth, add trinkets, nuts, charms, or oils as appropriate, and tie it up with an appropriate ribbon color while visualizing the charm’s purpose.

Making poppets: A poppet is useful when magick has to be attached to a person. Simply make the outline of a person on cloth, fold it over, cut out two person outlines, and stitch them together to make a person-pillow. Leave one end open so that herbs can be stuffed inside. Use enchanted herbs that match the need (such as love or health) that you’d like to fill the person or yourself, and then stitch it closed. Use it in a ritual on your altar with candles to infuse the person with the met need. When it has worked, pull the poppet apart and bury the pieces.

Infusing: You can make potions of herbs by boiling water, then pouring it over the herb and letting it soak covered for a while. Use one teaspoon of herb for every cup of water, and don’t use metal pots in any part of the process! Use the product of the process to drink as teas, use as additions to bath water, or rub on the body.

Ointments: Simply use vegetable shortening mixed with herbs (about 3 tablespoons of herb per cup of vegetable shortening). You can melt the shortening over low heat, then add the herb and cook for about nine minutes. STRAIN AND COOL before use, and store in airtight containers.

Candle magick: Simply choose a candle color matching your need, dress the candle (by rubbing it with oil and then purifying it with each of the elements), and inscribe with runes or symbols if desired, and then use it to send energy through in a spell. If you use a candle, do not blow it out (pinch or snuff it), and remember it’s best to let a candle burn all the way out if it has magickal energy going to your cause inside of it.

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