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Here is a list of rune meanings. This is not for divination, but rather for use as magickal symbols, to inscribe in candles and whatnot however you see fit for your magickal use.

[ALGIZ] ALGIZ - Protective Sanctuary
A rune of suffering for a cause. Use this to meditate on if you are searching for an answer but must go through an ordeal or a painful but necessary experience. It is also a rune of learning from your mistakes and your pain, and becoming stronger for the next ordeal.
Magickal usage: Protection.
[ANSUZ] ANSUZ - Messages and Signals
A rune of hints and hidden messages. Use this to meditate on if you are searching for a meaning or a future and only have hints from the past and present to guide you.
Magickal usage: Wise decisions, success, leadership, to help in divination and magick.
A rune of fertility and proliferation. Use this to meditate on if you are in search of enhancing the flourishing of a situation, or if you wish to call forth literal or figurative fruit.
Magickal usage: Achieving conception, making a fresh start, healing (especially infections).
[DAGAZ] DAGAZ - Daylight and the God's Light
A rune of divine countenance in daily life. Use this to meditate on if you feel the darkness encroaching and wish for a little magickal light to pull you up, or if you wish your hard work to be fruitful.
Magickal usage: To bring a positive outcome.
[EHWAZ] EHWAZ - The Sacred Horse
A rune of useful traveling and communication apparatus. Use this to meditate on if you need tools for life to appear or grow in power in your situations, or to thank those that already are helping you on your way.
Magickal usage: Aids in communication, transportation, to send a spell, power.
A rune of weaponry and steadfast defense. Use this to meditate on if you need to take a stand on something important and need insight on the tools to do so, and to never let down your guard.
Magickal usage: To ease a life transition, to bring about profound change.
[FEHU] FEHU - Cattle
A rune of wealth and plenty. Use this to meditate on if you feel particularly blessed by your abundance and wish to give thanks, or to ask for help in your financial life.
Magickal usage: Business, promotion, finding a job, achieving a goal, money, starting new enterprises.
[GEBO] GEBO - The Gift of Harmonic Relationships
A rune of karma, goodwill, and relationships. Use this to meditate on if you wish to give back to the community or to reap the rewards of a very satisfying relationship through your own good deeds.
Magickal usage: Find or strengthen a relationship, fertility, mark a gift or offering, bring luck.
[HAGALAZ] HAGALAZ - Destructive Forces
A rune of acceptance of nature’s will. Use this to meditate on if an occurrence of no one’s fault causes damage to you, and you wish to find the logic. Also use this as a representation in combined patterns to draw these happenings away from you.
Magickal usage: Break destructive patterns, remove unwanted influences.
[INGUZ] INGUZ - Fertility
A rune of new life and the celebration of sexuality. Use this to meditate on if you wish to conceive a child or wish to create “something from nothing” through the force of your love and life.
Magickal usage: Growth, general health, balance, fertility, farming.
[ISA] ISA - Ice and Freezing
A rune of stillness and cold. Use this to meditate on if you wish to slow things down and protect yourself, or to understand nature more deeply.
Magickal usage: To stop a process, to represent primal form.
[JERA] JERA - The Cycle of One Year
A rune of the circle of life and hard work through the year leading to a harvest. Use this to meditate on literal and figurative harvests and the work that goes into them, or to get the strength to embark upon a long process of growth.
Magickal usage: Fertility, growth, bringing about needed change.
[KANO] KANO - An Opening
A rune of inspiration and solutions. Use this to meditate on to find “the answers” or to lead your current life toward the best possible openings and positions available.
Magickal usage: Creative inspiration, aid in study, fertility, dispelling anxiety and fear.
A rune of flow, water, mystery, divination, and the mystical. Use this to meditate on if you wish to understand the nature of the universe or small parts of it, or to cleanse and purify.
Magickal usage: Enhancing psychic abilities, confronting fears, stabilizing mental or emotional disorders, uncovering hidden things.
[MANNAZ] MANNAZ - The Nature of Humankind
A rune of the self and one’s relationship with the larger group. Use this to meditate on any problems in a group or family, and to find your specific place among humanity, or to personally reflect on your own importance.
Magickal usage: To establish social relationships, to represent a specific person or group of people.
[NAUTHIZ] NAUTHIZ - The Negatives of Human Needs
A rune of need and survival. Use this to meditate on if things are bad and you have needs that cannot be provided for, and to realize things could be worse, and to get inspiration on what can be done without in order to survive.
Magickal usage: Represent a need to be filled
[OTHILA] OTHILA - Inheritance, Usually from Separation
A rune of loss and acquisition. Use this to meditate on if you feel guilty at having achieved or gained something through the loss of another, or to come to terms with the ending of a relationship from which you still felt like you had a lot to gain.
Magickal usage: To complete a project, to strengthen family ties, for acquiring land or property.
[PERTH] PERTH - Things Unexplainable
A rune of the unknown. Use this to meditate on if something in your life makes no sense and you wish to come to terms with it, or to reach an answer when there seems no other way.
Magickal usage: To aid in divination and magick, enhancing psychic abilities, fertility, easing childbirth.
[RAIDO] RAIDO - Journeys
A rune of literal or figurative travel, usually for a good reason. Use this to meditate on if you feel you need to travel to find yourself, or if you are about to embark on a spiritual, physical, or intellectual quest.
Magickal usage: Protection for travelers, to ease or bring about change, to reconnect.
[SOWOLU] SOWOLU - The Sun, Giver of All Life
A rune of life force and wholeness. Use this to meditate on in thanks for the source of your life, or to encourage vitality in projects and relationships.
Magickal usage: Energy, strength, success, healing, fertility.
[TEIWAZ] TEIWAZ - Spiritual Warrior
A rune of necessary fighting and the healing afterwards. Use this to meditate on if you are going into any sort of battle and need protection and strength, or to help lick your wounds after you have been through an ordeal.
Magickal usage: Protection, victory, strength, strengthening the will, healing a wound.
[THURISAZ] THURISAZ - The Seeing of Things to Pass
A rune of our own dark side. Use this to meditate on if you’d like to get to know the “dark” or unknown parts of yourself and soul-search, or if you sense an unpleasant “darkness” to yourself or something/someone close to you and wish to remove it.
Magickal usage: Aid in study and meditation, self-discipline, clearing out a bad situation.
[URUZ] URUZ - Brute Strength
A rune of strong will and vitality. Use this to meditate on if you have a battle of any kind to fight and to fully live each day as alive as possible, without fear of death.
Magickal usage: Strengthen the will, increase sexual potency and energy, for hunting.
[WUNJO] WUNJO - Bliss and Glory
A rune of personal assessment and achievement. Use this to meditate on if you need to evaluate your position and to give thanks if you are neither wanting nor plagued by troubles, and to acknowledge your satisfaction with a figurative or literal harvest.
Magickal usage: Motivate, complete a task, success in any endeavor.

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