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You have probably heard of Witches making brews or ointments to "cure" people. I'm fairly sure that in the past this was because the supposed Witch of the village was also the medicine woman. I know that there are certain rituals and herbs used for healing. You might try going to my herbs & spices page and looking for one that is good for healing, and perhaps adding it to your wine or juice or burning an appropriate incense or using an appropriate oil; it's amazing what a little aromatherapy and some good old-fashioned positive thinking can do for your health (provided it isn't a serious illness you've got). Or you can check out the Practical Application of Herbs and Spices page and choose one of the healing suggestions. However, I know of one strictly tool-free healing method that I learned years and years ago. I have no proof that it works on anyone else because I have only tried it with me, and it could have been psychological since I believe I can do it. :)

This method I speak of is sort of a meditation technique and it helps you learn how to collect and focus energy. You can use one of the meditation methods I mentioned to get in touch with the source of energy, or if you'd like to raise energy in the method you would in a spell or ritual circle, with candles and elements or whatever else, that is fine too. Just make sure that you can get energy into your body somehow and focus it in your hands. What you do then is "cross the poles"; you touch your left hand to your right arm and your right hand to your left arm to spark a charge, to make the most of your energy. Then you rub your hands briskly together and hold them up to attract as much energy as possible. You can try to feel it however you choose, either as permeating your hands or as two spheres of energy, whatever. You really should feel it very strongly; at one point when I learned this technique from a meditation book I thought it was something of a crock because I figured rubbing your hands together would make you feel like there was energy whether there was or not. Then I tried rubbing them together without the rest of this and it was not the same. You will see the same thing if you try. After you have energy in your hands, you simply lay your hands on the body part that needs healing and direct the flow there. While you do this, envision yourself without whatever ailment; if you have the flu, envision yourself happy and rosy-cheeked very soon, if you have a broken bone, envision yourself using the broken appendage very soon, et cetera. Of course, as with all magickal techniques, this does not replace "conventional" treatment; if you have a skin scratch, using this technique doesn't mean you shouldn't also add a band-aid, and if you've got a cold it doesn't mean you shouldn't take your medicine!

As far as healing with a spell goes, I read a really good healing spell elsewhere on the 'Net and I was very impressed; usually spells that are collected from other people, in my experience, just don't appeal to me. I'm linking to it here so that if you want to see it and adapt it for your use, you can.

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