[Ivy's Pentacles]


You may wish to acknowledge the Full Moon with a Moon bath. Simply draw a half-tub of water, preferably cool but certainly not hot. Dip out about a quart of this water with a glass or crystal bowl. Then hold this outside for a few moments, letting the Moon’s light flood the water. Then go back inside and add this water to your bath.

Add half a cup of milk, three drops of white wine and a bit of lemon peel to the water. Light a white candle and burn jasmine, lotus, gardenia or sandalwood incense. Bathe, feeling the Moon’s cool, wet power flooding through you, nurturing and comforting you. If you wish, close your eyes and imagine the Moon directly above, shining in full glory.

After an appropriate time, dry your body and go about your activities. You have become attuned to the Moon and in doing so have strengthened yourself. Since the Moon is a powerhouse of magical energy, aligning yourself with it is a sound magical practice.

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