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This is the ritual in which a Witch, usually a man, draws the God into the body and lets His spirit take control. It is usually done on a Sunday, sometimes as part of an Sabbat ritual, and is considered a sacred event. In a group session, the sun is drawn down into the High Priest or just one particular person; everyone does not become the God together, but rather He is channeled into one body by the coven. As a solitary, there is no worry, of course, as to who is to take on the God's role. Some traditional circles will say women cannot draw the sun and men cannot draw the moon, but since both energies are part of us it should be equally possible and effective for both sexes, though it may just be easier for a man because he is naturally in tune with masculine energy while some females may have blocked their access to theirs. Also, if a coven or individual prefers to use a specific name for the God being drawn down, that is fine, but this ritual simply assumes the nameless male divine is to be drawn.

Do this on a Sunday night or a strong Sun-related Sabbat.

To prepare, traditionally at least a day's fasting is required, but a cleansing and purging should be enough to purify the system. Take a ritual bath with God herbs, and listen to God-oriented music before the ritual.

Set up your altar with a yellow or gold-colored cloth and God-oriented incense burning. Place a God image on your altar in the center; use a phallic symbol if you have no God figure. Place a candle to the left of the image, to represent yourself; you might choose a color that represents your role in life, be it Young Sun King, Father of the Forest, or God of the Underworld. (Use the masculine ideas of life stages here as you will be channeling masculine energy whether you are male or female.) On the right of the image, place a gold candle or a candle with a color symbolizing the God. Now behind the statue of Him, place a bowl of seeds. Behind the bowl, put a glass of water for you to drink later.

Specially decorate the east and south quadrants of the circle to stimulate these elements' masculine tendencies, if you like. If your circle is such that it can be rinsed with herb washes, try pine water, and let it seep into your own personal energy.

Cast your circle, and then specially invoke the four elements and the God, strongly, for the purpose of the ritual. Use these chants if desired:

East: Greetings to the Powers of Air. Move into this sacred space with the winds of Spirit, and protect all gathered here. Let me breathe in, and become one with, the God, so I might know His voice in myself, others, and the world.

South: Greetings to the Powers of Fire. Ignite this sacred space with the embers of Spirit, and protect all gathered here. Let me be impassioned by, and become one with, the God, so I can see His sacred flame burning in myself, others, and the world.

West: Greetings to the Powers of Water. Flow into this sacred space with the elixir of Spirit, and protect all gathered here. Let me drink deeply of, and become one with, the God, so I might feel His power cresting in myself, others, and the world.

North: Greetings to the Powers of Earth. Root this sacred space in the rich soils of Spirit, and protect all gathered here. Let me be strengthened by, and become one with, the God, so I can see His sacred seed in myself, others, and the world.

Center: Greetings, Great God! He who is, was, and always shall be! Son, Father, Grandfather, come! Be welcome here, and bless our efforts in this sacred space. So mote it be.

Light the God's candle on the altar to signify His presence. Then take seeds and honor Him by sprinkling them around the base of the candle, greeting Him. Sit down in the center of your circle and visualize the following meditation:

See yourself as you sit now. Above you is a radiant gold-yellow light pouring down. This light has a face so beautiful and potent, you can barely look at it. It is the God, young and energetic, yet ancient and discerning. His face shifts into masculine images from many cultures, some old, some young . . . then the pictures fade back to blazing, energizing light. As the light shines down, it begins to saturate your crown chakra, then spreads throughout your body. Feel the God's power as it purifies and energizes you from head to toe. At last the light will come to rest in your heart chakra. You can feel part of the God within you uniting with that without, and sparking into a flame. Focus on this wholly. Welcome the God who is already part of you. Now move to the altar.

Light the personal candle by sharing flame with the Spirit candle of the God. Kneel or sit before the altar, and start to allow yourself to slip into the union between you and the divine. Your consciousness should alter, and though you should be thoroughly aware of what is happening, you will feel very different as He takes you over and you slip into the astral. Sometimes, before you kneel at the altar, you might try dancing, singing, chanting, or meditating in order to best induce your trancelike state. Raise your hands and embrace the God, and let Him totally move into you, sharing your body with you, looking out through your eyes. He will be gentle with you.

If you have a purpose in mind for this ritual, let the God help you. Whether it is to divine the future, enact a rite, heal someone, cast a spell, whatever; the God will guide it and amplify your efforts a hundred-fold. It is good to have some idea of what you want your ritual to be about, because then the God will pick up on it and lend His efforts to your goal. But if you have nothing planned, He may or may not instigate something; you will have to listen. If you simply wish to commune with Him, plan nothing and see what happens. In any case, have a good time with whatever you do, and rejoice in His presence. Some of the things the God is best at are performing blessings, guiding illuminating exercises, channeling energy and health, and offering logical insights.

When His activities are ending, kneel before the altar again and focus on the God within you. Lift your hands high to release and take back your normal consciousness. Back out of it as if backing out of a hug, left with a warm feeling of acceptance and love. Ground yourself and breathe deeply. Then snuff the God candle to symbolize His release. Drink the glass of water.

Carry on with whatever else needs to be done in the ritual: Offerings, feasts, group works, anything you choose. Just remember to thank the God at the end of the ritual for His presence in your activities, and close the circle. Use this or other appropriate words to thank Him:

Great God, my thanks to you for spending time with me in the physical realm. I will cherish your strength and reasoning, carrying them in my heart. As I go from this place, help me to ever remember that you are always part of me, and the world-in the sun, in the volcanoes, in my life's blood, and most important in my spirit. So be it.

Source: This ritual's main outline and welcoming/ending passages are 2000 by Patricia Telesco, in Advanced Wicca. Ritual altered and re-worded for this page.

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